Milan Mumin

Harley Krishna


1. We Insects
2. Eleven Rules
3. The Same
4. Das Vaterland
5. American One
6. Rowena
7. Touch Me
8. Rembrandt (Not For Sale)
9. On The Broom
10. The Closing Door
11. Bamboo
12. NS Made
13. Promised To Lucifer
14. The Demon
15. Choke by Srdjan Grbic


So, you decided, now when I`m dead
To run away from home
Would you open
And take a look inside
Some other`s heart
With different pride style
Wait wait waiting
Love and hate
Wait waiting
PartingI could jump out of my grave
But I won`t sit with such scum again
You`re my headache
Pounding on my skull
I had to come
To see what happened to you
Wait wait waiting
Love hate
Do you love
Love love
LaughterI wanna make you feel shame of me
I wanna make you sick
I wanna make you feel proud of other insects and animals
I wanna give all my love to you
I wanna make you hot
But then leave you and confuse you
Without explainingParty time is over


(Dedicated to Pele&Sashka),

I`ve always tried to tell you
You won`t listen
`Cause you `re frightened to be loved.
But, now, baby, party`s over, the trill has gone,
You won`t be frightened anymore!I created music for the junkie
Always hoping to come straight
But, at, wedding you got punch between the eyes
You won`t be frightened anymore... Anymore...

Then I got eleven rules
For her it was a joke
But you smiled at me us
And gave us a hopeThen I got eleven rules
For her it was a joke
"Give me just a few bucks
Or give me dope"


(Dedicated to Milica)

Everybody has it`s rope,
Even You that I`m looking for
Would you peep through a key hole
Thinking you could`ve done more
Watching us on the dance floor
I am the lowest form of life
Impotent from cheap alcohol,
I`m full of the worst diseases
Help me please, I`ve got to go
Why you give us everything,
And at the same time you take much more
Would you let me on your raft
Don`t you mind... I got to go.

Uncover me, then cover me
And run away
I am surrounded by sin
It is something that forever stays the same
Hurry up, latter the dark will come

I`ll forever kiss your feet,
Knowing well what I`am dealing with
It`s a fall of every tree
Seems that problem lies in me.
Than where`s the key?


(Dedicated to Viktor&Daria Radic)

Are you going to wait for
What you`ve been hiding deep for so long?
Or you`ll show understanding for me
And whole of my world
You were always one of those
Who tried to cheat memories
But memories are like an afterburn
They chase to hell!

`Cos man always feels the pain
Cherish the moments of joy
And cut off understanding for me
And whole of my world
You were always one of these who always had
Sense of humor
But memories, after all
Wait for you in hellWhat a surprise?
I go wild
We got to carry on!
I love the best, we are the last
We got to carry on!
We got no home, we got us
So, please, let them know!
What a surprise?
I go wild
We got to carry on!
I love the best, we are the last
We got to carry on!
Suddenly, I`m turning back for the last time
To see the Danube, myself and whoever else there is!
To find the Danube, my street, God and all spiritual!

Das Vaterland!
Keep yours ours, keep Babylon and hang on!
Das Vaterland!
No, don`t wait for me!
Only then it`ll pass and then we well rise free!


I`ve heard that you run away
Run away from yourself
Did you finish with all in your life
Or with mistakes that you`ve madeI`ve heard a hundred stories
And all of them are true
That nothing changed in your way
So everyday you are feelin` blueYou`ve been lost
You`ve been down
Any help from me is wasting timeLies, lies only lies
You are not worthy of contempt
`Cause everything you dreamed of,
Vanished, simply disappeared


(Dedicated to unborn Daria Mumin)

Wait Rowena, it`s so obvious
Besides your father said so
Some silly reasons often have a stupid shape
And we all - follow them!

Watch out, sister
I remember too far
And someone`s gonna make you again
You`ll see, darling, happy people are all around
But it is fake by itself

But then are god damn right...
Don`t listen to me, not all this night!
We are god damn naive
We got no hope but we got fear

Don`t live - you`ll be a bad man
Don`t love - you`ll be a sad man
Don`t be someone else in anyone else`s life

Don`t live - mind your own business
Don`t love - you won`t break through this
Tell me that you won`t try
Tell me so I`ll die
Tell me so and let love grow

Do you know girl you don`t need to own
And my life could have been saved
Have no master don`t be owner
Unhuman shape
Take care of me
Great looser`s love


Come on, come on,
Now touch me, baby
Can't you see that I am not afraid?
What was that promise that you made?
Why won't you tell me what she said?
What was that promise that you made?

Now, I'm gonna love you
Till the heavens stop the rain
I'm gonna love you
`Till the stars fall from the sky for you and I.


My parent lives alone
In the darkest room
Fortunately never goes out

He lives in parthenon
Of his honest dreams
Sometimes hangs over
Sometimes dead drunk

Are we all than to chose
Do we have to be abused
For the sake of our savior, crusified
Are we handsome
Are we smart
Be you answered with a fart
Spewing cursing about holy things I loved so much
Are you a friend or foe

There is no other way
There is no second chance
We got love without love romance

No matter how you try
When you do the same
Another gets the blame

Blame meSparrows on the window sill
Books on the shelf
Everything seems to be good
Friendly and unfair
Please betray them all
Tell`em the arrow`s about to come


Now it is the time of night
That the graves, all gapping wide,
Every one lets forth his sprite,
In the church - way paths to glide.
And we fairies, that to run
By the triple Hecate`s team
From the presence of the sun,
Following darkness like a dream,
Now are frolic; not a mouse
Shall disturb this hallowed house:
I am sent with broom, before,
To sweep the dust behind the door.

W. Shakespeare


(Dedicated to Milica)

As I look forward there is only you and me
Naked with perversity...
But there is one thing that I`ve always tried to tell you
I`m not interested in that

Maybe it`s `cos those for whom love is over
Or for those who still know nothing...
We gotta let `em try to find their sunny way
I have so many things to show to you
But I don`t know if I know you
`Cos of me who`s been guilty since he was born

But` I ve nothing to payIs there any panic, is it cold?
Can you keep open closing door?
Are you waiting, as I always used to do?

Was there lighting through the night?
Was love over at first sight?
Are you burning, do you love someone for me?

Here I am standing right beside me closing door....
You can open it for me
But there is one thing...
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you
I`m not interested in thatIs there anyone for me?
Is there anything for me?


Do you remember, techno grandma
How Medaan got drowned in bamboo?
It was half way to heaven
It was the way to pain and pleasure, too

Do you remember waiter Larry
How Medaan multiplied himself?
Havana cigars & Armagnac
Play jazzy music don`t be shallow goof

What was all about?
Art is moment, everything for art
Horror all around...
We can`t live without alcohol, at all!

Would you hesitate?
Or you`ll have some fun?
Or you`ll give your hand to no one?
Well, you ought to know
That without a break
I`m always in my show!
I`m always on my way to the show
I`m always in my


(Dedicated to my beloved block)

No one knows a story
About Mumin`s botany bay
You`re still looking
But I've never been bored
Those where the times of injury
And no romantic cruise
We were happy
With never enough money to play

I remained in those times forever cheer
I didn`t want my music to stay with me

I`m gonna hold back
The years, rock & pain
Would you be glad to hear me over again

Little boy from the river bank waving back to you
One who decided to stay forever in delight

I`d just like to thank you for being here
Thank you for burying me there
Would you like it, are you longing after all?


Have you ever told a human being
Something that made you clean?
Have you ever promised, man?
Did that promise find the way
Or it`s sailing till today?
Maybe you deserted love?

Then you`d better close your eyes
Like when waiting for a surprise:
"The world will be better place!"
Don`t be mad
But that`s the moment of your dream
One small trick of reality
You must take your axe and bite!

"All those promises...
Why I gave I can`t explain...
I was falling then in love!"
"Everywhere and every night you will hear
My voice so bright - I am Lucifer!"

We got to love each other till the day
When we find out it`s not O.K.
But that trace you can erase!
But what about the promises?
What we did, and what we could?
Who was then misunderstood?

Milan Mumin © 2008. Domaci filmovi