Milan Mumin



1. I`d Rather Be Your Fool
2. Streetlife
3. There Is Something In The Dark
4. I Always Gave You My Heart
5. Honest
6. Pearlhair
7. Kamikaze
8. Shoulder Of The Woman
9. The Golden Boy
10. Living For The Others
11. Mamura
12. The End Continues...
13. Michella
14. Kim
15. Tale Of The Wildest Beast (School Song)
16. Man Of Pain
17. Sister, Sisters
18. Oh, Evolution
19. Love Is Hell


If you find a little time to walk with me
I`ll find a little time to be with you
I`ll newer tell you: "the way out`s there"
I`ll newer lie if you stay

And I can be your sailor in your sea
I`ll be a lemon in your tea,
Be a lemon in your tea,
Be your love in first degree

I`ll remember our last dance,
Yes I remember last romance
And I might be little dog, be your lighthouse in the fog

And you gotta love your man, your children,
And your ordinary life
You should be happy, shouldn`t be said
And forget that you were bad!!!


I`d rather be your heart,
I`d rather be your fool,
I`d rather be your monkey,
man that hangs around you!!!

I`d rather make you happy
I`ll never make you cry
I`d rather sing your song,
I`d rather sing you "chanchone"!!!


Streetlife I wanna explain to you
And you may understand or not
Streetlife is life!

You went where I beg you
Thousand times not to
Where sleepin` hard and working man
Waits to kill Good in you.

Strong boys, I think they haven`t another job
They`re just waiting for mercy from God.
But mercy, guess whos that?

She kissed another
So you were to leave before us.
We`ll mention you before and after lunch
It`s not a pity `cos you wished so.

Daggers flashing through the dark
and you hear God`s word on the street
but that`s reality cuts the meat
Better run and hide yourself, they`re not
From God, they not from hell that`s waiting
For you next. Don`t die here, not here!

Streetlamps now you can see
Or guess from blood
And all that pain from our drinks
Illusion young ones

Now I go, `cos I don`t hear so long for you
I don`t even have hope for you, I go, I go!

They said: "Wrong way, wrong way to the
Walley of your dreams!"
You stepped into the streetlife zone.


Rain, I have nowhere to go.
I lost way to my home, but I don`t mind.
Fly, in this cold and lonly night,
Everything is over now, don`t remember me!

Yes, it`s unbelieveble how we used to love,
Feeling very slowly in a mood for fun.
And we never look back, we didn`t think about it,
Cause those were small affairs, what we did was done!

Yes, we`re passingeres have long we think we live?
We`re still feelin` slowly feeling party feel.
But now that`s all behind us, and everything remind us girl.
Those were small affairs, what we`re goin` to do.

And I` will be with you, somwhere in the night
In love which has no touch,
Glory, wait for us!


I can hold you in my arms,
I can tell you, oh, my darlin`
But that`s not real

There, there is something in the dark.
Goin` crazy lovin` blind, oh you and I

You, you might not live for so long.
Doesn`t realy matter baby,
Death is here.

Magic, all around us lights of hope
Everything is over now
You`re on your way.


I always gave my heart
I always told you I`m your man
And I knew I was wrong
What can I do , I`m that kind of man.

Love is miracle baby,
Nobody wants to live alone,
So I gave my heart -at night

Love is miracle baby,
Nobody wants to live alone,
But love is cruel thing
And man can`t stand to hear "Goodbye"
What can I do to make me love me,
What can I do, I gave my heart
I gave you my heart
I gave you my heart and you said "Bye bye"


Never gave your heart!!!


Sleep little girl, sleep the night,
`Cause when you wake up you have nothing much to see,
You`ll see the world gone and falling
Nothing makes you smile at all.
Little girl, you`ll wish you`re not born at all,
Dream little dream, just sleep this night,
When you wake up you have nothing much to see.
World is wild and wrong, nothing makes you smile at all,
Little girl, newer put your leg on earth

You are fool, you are genius
Time will cover your mistakes
You are fool or a genius,
Oh, no, it`s an awfull thing.

Now she`s comming like dead legend,
With steps only angels hear,
Now she`s comming, my baby, now she gives her soul for past!

God must hear your slave,
`Cos he always tells the thruth,
Anyithing your slave wants from you
It to give himawfull girl!
And that was the end of herDedicated to Vera


My home so far away ,
Through the waters of love,
I can`t stand love
When I`m a runner!

In the desert you can`t remember her name
You just remember that hair, with a colours of pearl

Sweet things, you might to hear
Now it`s past for you
She has gone and with her your world has gone

You remember that hair
You still remember that hair
but you better not remember it anymore!


Now I hope that generations after us
Will find some kind of reason
Right meaning of existence
That doesn`t mean that young should be suicides,
That war will be here to guide us,
To show our wisdom to others.

I hate nature it was born so long before,
And it knows nothing about the human race,
So it`s often looks unkind
And night, by night I cry for them
Who have gave their lives and fortunes
Instead that, we`d be here.

Now you died, I was climbin` high on that rope
They saved me in last minute but I could hardly
Wait my day.
And today you now that I recall those few words
You`ve said to me: "Do you know whom I like mostly?"
Then I said that I don`t know, I don`t know!

I also now that you`re my player,
The best player we all had to listen
World is full of creeps
When you go wrong

I have to go, I have to loose
I`m going down to see some news
And everything you have to say
Say to me I will tell them.

They are so young and they are so sad
They just need love from you to give
But what they will say to me
I mustn`t tell `cause it`s really true
`Cause it really is.

Dedicated to Baba Bekan


I was gambling, I was drinking all night, you know,
I was bored, wanted to run away you know,
Yes, you know that I lie sometimes,
That I need something stronger,
You know- Shoulder of a woman!!!

You, took, woman more than half of my life,
And you never know.
You took so much and left nothing to me, you know.
Yes, you know that I`m rouhg sometimes.
Cause I never felt your love
Shoulder of the woman!!!


In the night, you felt what love was,
In the mourning you realised.
In the mourning I relised, too,
I felt what your eyes can do!


Everything of it, it was wrong
Now I know that
But God I thought then that I should do, it.
God I always kissed honesty and beauty
And I newer let lie to win.
Oh, God then I was a toy
Oh God, now I`m golden boy.

Last night I was slowly,
Coming late from dark,
I have heard my conscious say:
Oh what a magic you have,
You don`t even know.
I think that you are made of gold!

So I started new life
with that guide of mine
and before I made this band
Then I said to myself
one thing that I found: "All this beauty is for you."


Golden boy !!! Golden boy!!!


We always were depend of love,
Llivin` on the frontires,
Locking on the sun
Which won`t brighten us!

We livin` like maniacs
With alcohol and rock`n`roll,
We used to love before,
But we won`t no more!

We used to change day for night,
And we want to die on the streets,
Livin` for some ghosts,
Like all forever young

Oh, you can live us,
But you must give us hope,
So we can burn with you in hell,
Oh, no, we won`t!


We got a song of love
We just wont to push you down,
Many other bands
Couldn`t touch you at all! Oh, oh.

We got a stronger love
We don`t want to help you out
Many other bands
Couldn`t do it at all!

We got a song of love,
We got a heart for that,
Many other bands
Haven`t got in at all!

We got a friends around
And they give us cosmic power,
Many other bands
Didn`t have it at all!


I know you like small shy girl,
I never called you mom
But loved you more than I love myself
I still haven`t change, goodbye!

And when you put yor hand in my hair mom,
I`m forever same- your boy,
Littl` damy-that I always ment
Lonley in stormy night!

I never treat you,
You rarely see me,
But I loved you -like a sky!


I was livin` in the cellar
I was dyin` on the sun
I was walkin` on the seas
Mother, I`m sorry

When it`s difficult to be
Don`t stop thinkin` on me
Who has livin` like beast
Mother I`m sorry.

I will fly like Sitting Bull to it`s birdnest
I`ll be dead for a long time as you see me!
But I will find our fortune
Wherewer it can be!


Close your eyes and give me light,
In the darkness of my life,
Only you know, I`m eternal,
But I`ve lost my way.

There are lots of little things,
They can change your life,
But those things are litttle things,
My love I couldn`t find.

Oh , I`m sorry, I`m not dead,
You will understand,
You can`t tell me how you fell,
Soon I will be near you.

Put me up into the sky,
Straight into his heart,
You will fullfill all my wishes,
I`ll peacefully die!!


Many springs and autumns
I was counting down,
And I won it!!!

Many springs and atumns,
I was dreaming graves and graves
And graves...

Dedicated to Mihajlo Mumin


When you touch me oh Michela
I become your little thing.
Oh, Michela do you know,
That you are wound of my soul.
When you touch me week man dies.
Cause you have smile of gods,
Oh, Michela try to be,
One small siren in the see!

Have you even see Michela.
Have you ever see my tears.
No, Michela I don`t care.
I`m Your man and I`m fair.
Live me now, oh, please Michela,
And be faster then wild wind.
Oh, Michela that`s the end,
Take back my heart in your hand!

Oh Michela!!!


You might know that I`m around you somewhere
But you`re scared to look for me on the streets
Knowin` truth, that you`ll be my girl someday.
Anyway we`re all so lost for life
You`re changin` guys, knowin` well it is so wrong then,
Tryin` hard to make your life so normal,
But your life is prepared for something insane,
I guess I know who its supposed to be!


Goodbye Kim, oh, my heart where is love?
For me it`s hidden.
Hallo Kim, all my love, better dead
Than being hidden.
(Like you are hidden for me)

Missin` girls but I let them pass by me,
I was old, now I`m so long under earth,
But my eyes, my spirit is still for you
Even now when I can`t be your choice.

You may find grave without a name on,
Than you`ll think here must lay some stone,
That man was so heartless, just like stone is,
At the end he simply turned into stone.

If they ask, when you`re sitting in your forest,
"He is gone" just say to passinger,
But his bones, still sailin` all around me when I sleep
I`m still in love with my "Nose".
But your "Nose" smells flowers from below
Waiting light that will never come.
"`Cause my light is nothing but you darling"
Anyway I see my love`s love of monk!


You have only one more minute
To say what`s on your mind,
Cause I don`t want to waste my precious time,
I tried with you so many times,
But you always run around with some guy from your school,
Who always puts you down, slow down.
Even you never know what he ever ment to you
His high-class friends of his thousand romances
But, now when we`re together, we can beat storm and weather,
And even trough out tears- we well be together!


C`mon, let me be your fantasy,
Let me be your wildest beast
That you ever had in your dreams
C`mon let me be your brighter side,
Let me be your conscience guide,
Let me be your man, little man!

Dedicated to Stanislava & Mumin


I always was a melancholy man,
I always was a man of pain,
I always was one who cries,
I always was what you don`t want.

I also was leader of drinkers,
I was soldier of sadness,
I always was one who`s fighting
And I was one that you don`t love!

And you can fall down, you can give up,
I`ll be there for you, fighting.
And if I fall down, if they beat me,
I will know that it`s my turn God!!!

She might say that we are different kind,
but it seems to me like dying.
But when she says: "I don`t mind",
I will know that we are same kind!!!


I`m a man. man of pain

Dedicated to Stanislava


I was a sailor, I`ve served my country
Like all believers, I was depresed
"I`ve been searchin` for passion, so long" -I was joking
She din`t answer thinking it`s sin!

"You have to fall down, to feel the sunshine
To feel the highway, to feel the run."
"Don`t have to hurry, cause you can`t lose that
What`s in your dreams, now it`s in your veins."


No, it`s not sin, cause you still live,
You are so young, but you have no live!
But look at me, what do you mean,
You got this God, better fallin`,
Down and down hang on me!

Dedicated to nuns


"Did he who made the Lamb make thee?
Did he who made everything, really wanted to make me?"

W. Blake

I will often. no I will always bless
That name of yours
And I thank for the kicking
My love from yourself.
Oh, how I wonder living lonely (now)
But that`s my way.
I neednt see you, still much love you,
That`s for your salvation.

Now I don`t love `cos I don`t live
That peace I payed so well
`Cos the state is to me most precious
Pain for me was everywhere (Burp)
Even thought I getting freezing
For long part of time
Oh I got more life that they can guess
I`ll stay same through reincarnations.

But you`re in danger if I revived
And nocked up on your door
`Cos I must come, I had to see how
You`re life`s turning on.
He kissed you and than left you
Fantasy was split.
You`re not for mariage, not for burring
Jesus is your home


Evolution you can feel it
But you`re evil, you won`t stop it
You`ll continue with no turning
I just pray for kids


Evolution, evolution,
I`m so tired, cutting bustards
Every hour, and with your help
(I have less to live)
(No longer, not for long).

Dedicated to Mirjana


I loved you that`s my sin, nowhere you can hide,
I`m sorry they told you, everything I`m not.
And nothing you can do just let me to
Find a way out far from people.
No way out, another time, another place, love is hell!!!

And nothing you can do to let me in,
And we both die under this heaven,
Cause haven is in your room,
Black and wild, black and free, you and me!

And none of my prayers never can be realised.
My Indian profile somwere you could lost.
And even if you want to save me out,
I am lost deep in my self yet!
Cause near that bar you lost all yours,
I want go back when I was young!

Only you can save me, no you can`t, I don`t want.
I wanna say: "Goodbye life" oh so long.
Love is hell! She didn`t exist!!!
Milan Mumin © 2008. Domaci filmovi