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Love Hunters

"Love Hunters" is a rock group from Novi Sad which formed in the year of 1987. The group experienced its major popularity during nineties. Since the beginning, for creation of their songs, the group used solely English language.

Group was formed by the childhood friends Milan Mumin and Aleksandar Medan, with a base guitar player Lazar Malesevic and a drum player Sinisa Lucic. Same year, music publishing house "Mr. Montenegro Record's", released their first album under the title "There No Centuries".

This was followed by music gigs in Novi Sad and surroundings. 

Love Hunters

Up until Mumin"s departure to the army, they have made many demo recordings in the various music studios, which were later gathered and published on the album "Total Ricverzzo" by the music publishing house "Music Yuser". Under the same record label is also their first official album "Everclassic", recorded in '93 in the recording studio Dum-Dum in Novi Sad under the production of Vladimir Ivancic-Vova

In the year of 1994, in "Studio M", Novi Sad, the group records its second album "O, Evolution" for the same publishing house under the production of the Zoran Maletic Zox. They film a couple of music videos mainly for the production of "NS Plus" channel under the director Shevy Lee. In the same year, their music activity is marked astonishing, in Yugoslavia, and surrounding countries with never-ending music tours.  After being named a "Bend of the Year" by their colleagues, they set off to go on a tour across Slovenia as the first Serbian bend to visit this country following the war. Prominent director Zelimir Zilnik, uses their music in his movie "Marble Ass".

Success of the two recorded albums, with hits such as: Love is Hell, I'd rather be your Fool, Kamikaze, Streetlife, There is something in the Dark, generated a music boom and sparked a lot of interest amongst larger music production houses. Very successful concerts held in Zrenjanin and Belgrade were recorded and published by the Belgrade "Komuna" on the album "Out of Tune" in '96.

During the celebration of the Serbian New Year"s Eve in 1997, on the Belgrade Republic Square, in the midst of the student protests, in front of the 500.000 people, group "Love Hunters" holds one of its most important concerts. This event was listed under one of the largest open-air concerts ever held.

In Netherlands, under the production of Mile Ciric, the guys record their third studio album "Azimuth" with the "Komuna" as their publisher. Music video for their megahit "There" was directed by the ever famous Ivan Sijak. During these years, they are topping the charts an all the existing radio and TV channels, being the permanent headliners during the famous concerts of the year in Novi Sad. Following these events, Mumin bears the flattering title "Person of the Year '97". He also takes part in music production for the theatre plays "San letnje noći" and "Gospođica Julija".

During the same year, Milan Mumin, the guys from the band, pianist Sloba Misailović, violinist Lajko Felix, Boris Kovač, Sasa Januzović-Jana, as well as few selected other guests and friends unite to make the music for "Waver", multi-media performance of Worlds renowned artist Szombathy Balint. This “play” Mumin and Szombathy performed live in front of the public in Germany, Sweden, Japan, Ireland, Franc, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia, with this performance being listed under one of the most performed in the history!

Within the series of NS Plus unplugged concerts, during the year of '98, they record a live album with modified and adapted setup. Special guest was Mumin"s god-father, pianist Dušan Šević Ševa. This album, which was considered by many as the "highlight moment" of the band, however, because of the NATO Alliance attack on Serbia, it had to wait for the 1999.

Soon, following those events, they started recording their fourth studio album "Harley Krishna" in the production of the duo Ivan Vlatković and Zox Maletić. In the year of 2000, the album was published by "Komuna". This was done together with various guests such as Saša Lokner, Radule from "Atheist", Sloba Misailović, Deža Molnar, Tajj Kvartet, and a brilliant virtuoso from Subotica – violinist Šen Ignac. That summer, as special guests of Modena, Bologna and Parma, they hold a series of noticed concerts across Italy.

Recording of the long planned album of music remakes started at the beginning of 2002 in studio "Berar" in Novi Sad under the production of a long known friend and associate Peđa Pejić. Same year, "One Hunt" was published by Belgrade"s "City Records", and few music spots were made and directed by Mumin himself in France and Ireland. During the recording, a Love Hunter"s guitarist Mario Kalin, unexpectedly leaves the band, which continues its performance with somehow changed setup, with Mumin mainly playing acoustic guitar. Mumin, disturbed by this event writes a song "Mario". Remembering this series of events, Mumin has told "Svet" magazine:

“I have invested my entire life in the unity of the band and this for sure was one of the hardest periods in my life. This is like, when after a million years, your "chick" leaves you. I knew that from that moment onwards, we would function based on inertion and nothing else mattered to me. Probably, a little later on, subconsciously I have euthanized "Hunters myself."

And so it happened. After many more successful performances, in the year of 2003, Mumin leaves for New York and returns in 2004 to finish things off with "Love Hunters" and to crown their existence with the last album CD/DVD "Live in Bistro". Their last concert "Love Hunters" they hold in much loved Sremski Karlovci during the famous wine festival "Grozđenbal" on the 11th   October 2004. 

Source: wikipedia

Milan Mumin

  • Born in August, 23. in Novi Sad, Vojvodina
  • First bands: "Ma, comerciala" & "Ayatollah"
  • Other Projects: Performance "Waver" with Szombathy Balint
  • Member of International Assosiation For Prevention of Alcohol Abuse (MUZMA)
  • Lyrics, vocal & rhythm guitar
  • Appears in the movie "Marble Ass"

Solo Career

Milan Mumin moves to America in the late 2004 and since then, he lives on the relation of Novi Sad – New York. Although, engaged in various fields of employment, he does not give up on music. Already by the 2006, he forms his own band "The Undercover Maniacs" and plays across the numerous New York clubs, preparing the songs for the new album. During the beginning of 2008, they enter a Brooklyn’s recording studio "Trout" and together with the producer Bryce Googin, they record a new album "Asthma sky". Drum player is Robert Green, base guitar player Chik, solo guitar Alex Grbac while Mumin is responsible for rhythm guitar and vocals. The same year, the postproduction is signed by the famous Fred Kevorkian in the legendary ‘Avatar’ studio, while the "City Records" album is published at the beginning of the 2009.

Mumin continuously performs across America with American setup as well as across Serbia and the region with his band from Novi Sad: drum player Ilija Thunderman, base guitar player Todor and a guitar player Payakofski. For his newest album, for now, he has filmed three music videos, from which the newest one is filmed entirely in New York for the song "The Sign is Back Again!" The production is signed by the Nemanja Bala, while the scenery is as usual Mumin’s own. 


Source: wikipedia

Album covers and lyrics

Everclassic Oh Evolution Donau Total Rickverzzo  
Everclassic Oh Evolution Donau Total Rickverzzo  
Out of Tune Azimuth Unplugged Harley Krishna  
Out of Tune Azimuth Unplugged Harley Krishna  
One Hunt Live in Bistro Asthma Sky    
One Hunt Live in Bistro Asthma Sky    
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